Maple syrup an honey — buy it local

News this week regarding both of these natural sweeteners.  When you buy them commercially, you’re getting an ultra processed product that has no pollen (in the case of honey) and much less actual taste (in the case of maple syrup).  Turns out the taste in these sweeteners, and likely their health benefits too, comes from what the industrial complex has determined to be impurities.  The higher the grade of maple syrup, for example, the less maple taste there is.  The $20 bottle at your grocer does not taste as good as the Grade B they stock for the folks who do liquid crazy cleanse diets.  Go figure.

Even better, buy these locally.  Realize it’s still calories, so don’t go crazy with it, but by local.  Personally when comparing, I buy the darkest I see of both of these, because it tastes better.


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