Bush’s Grillin Beans Review

Beans are a great way to get protein, fiber, and a feeling of satiety. But day after day they can get a little, well, plain unless you have time to season them differently from pot to pot.

That’s why I’ve come to like Grillin Beans. Not the varieties that are ketchupy brown sugar types, but the lower calorie Tex-Mex seasoned ones that are only about 30 calories more per half cup serving than plain beans.

For a really quick two meals from one 2 minute effort project, make some (instant is fine) brown rice, and put some in a reusable container. Pour the can of beans on top, and on top of that put some grilled chicken strips (frozen is fine). 2 minutes kitchen time, 10 minutes total elapsed time, and you’ve got two healthy lunches. Yum.


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