Reprogramming your mind for better results

Ever feel the need to update the software on your computer?  Just grab the disk with the New and Improved version, or download it from the web, and clickity-click your way to a better experience with better, faster results.

Too bad you can’t do that for your brain!

Guess what.  You can.

The thought patterns you cover most often, become beliefs, as deeply held as a religious belief.  If you don’t believe it, spend a few minutes completing the following sentences in as many true ways as you can:

I am _______________.


I haven’t been able to make it to my goal because ______________.

What you’ve just done, above, is to list your pre-conceived ideas about yourself and your self-limiting beliefs. You actually hold yourself to these patterns, like a religion, and tend to minimize or downplay any truthful information about yourself that doesn’t fit these.  Like: I am a lifelong food binger, and I can’t lose weight because I don’t have time to work out, because I always eat when I’m stressed, because ….

Those are the limits you place yourself under.  If you can replace those with new, truthful beliefs based on the fact that you have decided to change, you’ll be able to escape the limits you formerly lived under.  You are not the tail being wagged by the dog, you are not defenseless, you are not a hopeless case, and God is not wandering the halls of heaven wringing his hands, wondering what to do about your situation.  More about that later, stay tuned.


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