Resistance bands, or resistance tubes?

Um.  Tough choice.  I like both.  The tubes can come with handles, and that’s handy.  The bands seem a little less stretchy, and that’s handy.  Let me suggest that, since your gym probably has one or both, you try them and then buy what you need.

Note that the colors they come in have meaning.  I am a major fan of Thera Bands, and using them as an example, the black, blue, silver, and gold are extra heavy, and the other colors go down to very light.  If you are undergoing PT you probably have your colors already worked out, but if not, experiment a bit.

They fit really nicely into a suitcase when traveling, you can stuff them somewhere to keep them in front of the TV (non subtle hint), and if you’re extra hard on them you can get them in long lengths and cut them down.

You can do just about any resistance work with these you can with dumbbells.   Realize that you may not hit the rated weight  until the band is 50% or more extended, sometimes not till they’re extended double their initial length.  And there’s not a direct correlation of how much you can lift and how much you can tug these.  But they’re a good tool.   YouTube is a great source of resistance band workouts.


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