Why does it take longer to lose weight than to gain weight?

How come we can gain 2 pounds from one pizza buffet and it takes a week to lose 2 pounds?

When you eat a lot, you’ve got the weight of that food inside for 2 days, and you’ve got the hydration increase your body needs to keep its salinity level constant even though you just ate a lot of salt.  In a couple days it will be gone.

When you’re losing weight, after the first 1-2 weeks you’ve gotten rid of that fluid balance and food weight situation, and you lose at a very reliable 1 pound per 3500 calories of deficit.

3500 calories is a lot to NOT eat but it’s not much TO eat if you put your mind to it.

Thus the apparent speed of gain is much higher than the apparent speed of loss.  But really, if you track your weight gain history, you were gaining it a pound here and there, slowly, actually often more slowly that you’re now losing weight now that you put yourself into it whole-heartedly.


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