Kashi Pesto Pasta Primavera review

First, a couple of definitions. While you’re losing weight and learning to cook well for yourself (closely related subjects) you may as well have these two words in your vocab.

Pesto is crushed garlic, basil, and pine nuts with olive oil and a hard cheese, most properly Parmigiano Reggiano.  All of which are ingredients of boundless value in eating well, and all of which have associated health benefits.

Primavera is Italian for This Spring, and carries the context of a a meal containing lightly sauteed very fresh spring vegetables.  Here lately it seems to mean With Peas, but it doesn’t have to.  Usually the tossing is done with the aid of garlic and olive oil.  Yeah, at this point you’re thinking, garlic and olive oil served two ways.

The most flavorful notes are from the whole wheat pasta and the generous supply of crushed garlic, with a nice secondary taste of the oil, which is a good enough grade of olive oil that it doesn’t have a real olive-y taste at all.  The pasta is a little chewy to a lot chewy, but if you’re already used to whole wheat pasta (and please do be!) it’s fine.

My only negative would be the amount of incongruous pimento pepper slices.  It really seems like the frozen meal guys are trying to use up the entire global supply of precooked red peppers.   Nah, actually it’s just to add a little contrasting color and sweet mild spice.

All in all for a light lunch it’s good.  8 of 10.


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