Beans and Rice

Here’s an essential item in my family’s weekly cook-ahead.

  • 1 small or 1/2 large bag of dried beans
  • too much water for that many beans
  • crockpot till tender
  • add at least a couple big handfulls of brown rice
  • crockpot some more.
You’re talking no more than a couple minutes hands-on time in the kitchen.  We don’t season them much at first , because later in the week it’s going to be the bottom layer of a main course, and a burrito filling, and likely part of another mixed-up main course, as well as lunch for yours truly for 3 days or more.  Tonight we just add some jerk seasoning and diced mango and it’s awesomely Caribbean, tomorrow it’s something completely different.
Brown rice and beans in equal shares is 8 cents per serving in my humble estimation, and gives the protein equivalent of a much more expensive protein source will adding a nice feeling of satiety (fullness) and plenty of vitamins and fiber.  Give it a try.



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