Odwalla Chocolate Monster review

The best way I can convey this review is: my kids do not know they’re not drinking chocolate milk. It’s got 28 grams of protein, 220 calories, and a whole darned lot of sugar. Nutritionally that scores a B on my favorite food scoring calculator.  Not surprising, since Odwalla is a Coca-Cola brand.  Yet another altruistic good idea that was swallowed up by the Borg and used for every conceivable brand extension.  Some day we’ll do a post on which megafood company owns what homey brand names.

But I digress.

It tastes really, really good.  Soy-based but better-tasting than even Silk chocolate soy milk, possibly because it does contain dairy derivatives.  The kids WILL drink Silk but they WANT to drink Odwalla, and it’s not just the very cute label and the $2.50 price tag.  It’s awesome chocolate milk.  Nutritionally it’s very similar to adding a little chocolate protein powder to chocolate milk, which we are known to do at our house — except the kids can taste the chalkiness of the protein powder but don’t pick up anything objectionable from this taste.

It’s also available at the Wally Mart in a larger size.  The Blog has several philosophical objections to Wally Mart but is known to go there for certain specific purchases, of which this will be one.

Would have been 10 of 10 stars on taste alone but the B nutritional score knocks it down to a 7.


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