How do I determine how many calories are in my homemade food recipe?

We’ve posted this before but it bears much repeating, as it’s one of the things we use most in our coaching practice.

Let’s say you have a recipe, and you know about how many servings it will make but have no idea how many calories to count for each serving?  Just go to and paste in your recipe.

Any item it doesn’t understand, it will ask you about, and then it will give you a complete Nutrition Facts label for your recipe.  You can even print that out and include it when you’re giving someone home-cooked food.

I use it all the time to actually determine how much of my homemade food is a reasonable serving, per person.

I also use it when considering a swap, for instance, swapping applesauce for oil, or swapping one sweetener for another.

Try it, it’s free.


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