Dr Pepper Ten review

When you’re talking tastes straight out of our childhood, Dr. Pepper is one of those few remaining things that tastes pretty much just like it did back in the day.

Except now we’re more up on the problem of consuming half a meal’s calories in one drink, without achieving any feeling of having eaten.  Rats.  Of course there’s diet soda, but the transition to zero-calorie beverage leaves out the smooth sugary goodness of the original.

Enter the new “mid-calorie” versions.  Some sugar, some artificial sweetener.  In this case, 10 per “serving”, which is a half-bottle.   I’m sure you’re going to drink a half bottle and put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow, right?  Nope, let’s go ahead and count this as a twenty calorie beverage.

It tastes, in a word, like taking a 6 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper and mixing it with a can of the regular.  You get some of the sugary feeling but not enough calories to make a big difference in what you’re going to need to eat the rest of the day.  We should say, it doesn’t taste exactly like a mix of the two products.  It smells like cherry, like the original, and tastes more like diet with a less metalic aftertaste.

In short, it’s pretty good.  It’s just coming out of test markets into the mainstream, and you can expect other similar beverages to appear shortly.  The question is going to be whether retailers are willing to carry it, thereby carrying less of both diet and regular, or more likely by dropping some products altogether, since the size of the soda pop aisle is pretty much set in stone by now.  The real scoop on how this happens — Wal*Mart dominates packaged grocery sales, and if they carry it, it will succeed.  If they don’t, better get it while you can, it’s not likely to stick around.  You can thank Wal*Mart for the availability of both Diet Cherry Coke and Coke with Splenda.


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