Dangerous exercise, safe exercise

Some special words of caution are in order now that we’re moving into the indoor exercise part of the year for much of the country.

There are certain forms of exercise that are absolutely unsafe to do at home.  Here’s a few, but not by any means all, considerations:

1. Any weight lifting where you have any danger of weight falling on any part of you needs a spotter.  If you’re at home and have nobody right there in the spotting position who has the required strength to be your spotter, you either need spotting equipment like a Smith machine or you need to find some other alternative lift that does not involve personal danger.

2.  You need three feet or more  of clearance behind your treadmill; if you fall, you need somewhere to end up in the floor without being in the tread path.

3.  Keep your tunes soft enough to hear noise around you, and look around you, especially if you’re outdoors and/or by yourself.

4. When trying something new, check yourself out, that’s what gym mirrors are actually for.  If you don’t look like the example you’ve seen, correct your posture.  Remember the little lecture about how not to lift objects off the floor.  Back injuries are the #1 reason for being off from work because of injury.

5.  Wear appropriate clothing and shoes for the activity you’re doing.

Safe exercise is an enjoyable experience, when you’re free from injuries.  Stay safe and you’ll have more time to burn more of those calories and build up your ability to exercise even more.



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