Should I worry about my blood sugar being a little high?

New study this week from Portugal with  some potentially important news…  sorry I can’t provide a working link to the summary but it’s a subscription based site.

Basically if you find out now, as an overweight person, that your blood sugar is notably up there, but not classified as diabetic yet,  LOSE WEIGHT NOW and keep it off.  The finding is that you can look ten years into your blood sugar and predict very accurately that you’re likely to be full blown Type II diabetic later. Even now when it’s too soon to be taking meds, you’re establishing a trend toward needing them later, and all the other comorbidities that go along with T2D.  None of which you want to get anywhere close to.

So yes, if you’re already otherwise at risk of T2D because you’re overweight (85% of T2D patients are overweight, and 85% of them can clear the symptoms of 2TD by getting down to a moderate weight) or have a family diabetic history you don’t want to start repeating, get busy now and lose some weight while you have a chance to correct the problem before it becomes life limiting.


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