Morningstar Hickory BBQ Riblets review

I have to confess, the first time I bought these was when McDonalds was having Return of the McRib days, and I looked at the nutritional info and the web photos of the blue color of the unsauced McRib, and decided to try to make something better.

But anyway. These are excellent. The un-meat has un-grill un-marks on it, sort of cutely, and it tastes good. Much of why it tastes good is the extremely good barbecue sauce that comes on it. You get plenty to cover a nice pile of veggies you can serve this with. The sauce is good enough to bottle and sell separately, and I wish they would.

I’ll give this a 9, making it in my humble opinion the best Morningstar product. My second in that category is their not- corn dogs, which are a really handy fast microwave snack you really might like too.


Our product reviews are done at our own expense and discretion and are not official endorsements of any product or service.


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