Careers for people who’ve lost a lot of weight

Ever think of adding a side job or even having a career change into a job that utilizes your weight loss success?

Here are some of the kinds of work we’ve known people to get into:

  • Motivational speaking.  People learn very effectively by following the success of other successful people.
  • Registered dietitian.    Planning menus for schools, institutions, and restaurant chains, and providing individual nutritional counseling.
  • Nutrition.  A word of explanation:  you can become a nutritionist by paying a fee, thus there’s not a good definition of what a nutritionist is, knows, does, or where they work specifically.
  • Be a chef specializing in healthy eating.  Best example for me is Doctor Gourmet, who is both a physician and a chef and has a terrific web site.  Check it out.  There’s also a great possibility for influencing positive change if you’re the chef at a weight loss resort.
  • Food crafting.  I’m forever grateful to the sweet lady who took my personal little oatmeal and protein breakfast bar recipe, improved it greatly, and sells it commercially.   Other big weight losers have come out with their own line of sauces, desserts (do try No Pudge brownies!) and baking mixes.
  • Social media and blogging
  • Personal training.  This is a good one to work in after hours from your main job.  The certification will take several months to achieve, check out the A.C.E. and N.A.S.M web sites for legitimate information — there are some mostly money-grubbing certifications out there — if the cert takes just a weekend or a month, skip it.
  • Life coaching.  This can be had as an separate course, a follow-on to a personal training certification, but other certifications are as good — my own qualifications list is just my MBA, MDiv,  and my 100 pound weight loss since I dip into economic and spiritual connections to obesity.  Again, this is a title without a lot of specifics, so it’s a good place to work your own new skills into as a way of giving back.
That’s just an incomplete list, there’s lots more volunteer and paid positions out there that are best filled by people who know what it’s like to lose weight and never find it again.  Ways to give back in exchange for all the help other people were in your own weight loss.  What’s waiting for you?

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