What kind of deli meat?

In answer to a good question posed by an in-person coaching person …

Deli turkey runs the gamut from some pretty foul fowl (I had to find a way to get that in there, sorry) to being really good.

My personal favorite deli meat is Boars Head.  Hands down.  Their Oven Gold turkey could pass for the real bird, which is pretty much my standard of good.  Hit me with one of those whole grain flat buns, some avocado, lettuce, and tomato, and some of that good turkey, and I’m good for the afternoon.    And the nutritional profile is really quite good.  To do a tastier turkey you’d need to get one fresh and locally raised from your butcher and cook it up.  Which I’m sure we’ll cover here when the season comes this year.

They’re also really skillful at roast beef (both medium-well and medium-rare varieties), and their ham can come fairly close to what we used to go get down from my grannie’s smokehouse rafters for holidays.

Their cheeses are fine too.  And their goad cheese and manchego sheep cheese are both just tremendous.

You’re probably thinking, this does not sound like on-a-diet food.  Of course it is.  There is no evil food, just over-consumption of food.  Who wants to lose weight while destroying their love for the great variety of wonderful food that’s available?  We really prefer, here, for people to learn to love MUCH BETTER food MUCH MORE, and thus be MORE satisfied with LESS of it.


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