FullBar Diet Plan Review

Excuse, me, I’ll be right with you. I’m just trying to finish chewing this Fullbar. There. Almost. Done. Gasp.

OK here’s where I get off.

I’m supposed to eat this chemical coated Sugar Puffs bar, at 180 calories, so I will eat less at my next meal?  OK it’s not Sugar Puffs, it’s puffed rice.  But still.  My next meal better be REALLY DARNED SMALL because I’ve already eaten half its calories in this bar.

Which seems like something I could simulate from a bag of puffed rice cereal for about 5% the cost, but let’s not go there.  No need to be snarky.  Also no need to point out that somewhere along the line, somebody is making these things for a few cents and selling them for over a buck each.

I just don’t get this one.   If I think I might get too hungry later, why wouldn’t I just divide up the calories into more, smaller meals, and not be that famished to begin with.  Then I wouldn’t have to chew, and chew, and chew, my way through this caramel flavored industrial product.



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