How to encourage your fat friend to lose weight

Decided to just go ahead and use the F word today… we shy away from that out of sensitivity and remembering having that particular F-bomb thrown at us in the past, but really, fat is fat, let’s call it fat today.

Here are three easy ways to actually encourage in a non-threatening way:

1.  Offer a listening ear.  Just be there.

2. Relate your own experience with weight loss, if you’re asked to.  Don’t skimp on the details of what you did, how hard it was, how great it felt to be losing weight, and how, truthfully, you still have to work the process to some degree daily, as a life-long life change.

3.  Take them with you when you go move around.  Getting off the couch is a big scary step when you’re just starting, and having you along will make it much more likely it will be a pleasurable experience.  Running on the treadmill will never be as fun as running out for a bucket of chicken.  But running with you on the treadmill is pretty fun in its own right.


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