Are carbohydrates bad?

Did you know … in the early 20th century there was a Dr. Kellogg who believed protein was bad for mentally disturbed people, so he developed ready to eat cereals that were very low in protein but calorically enough to eat via switching the calories to carb calories?  Then later, about the 1960’s, a view arose that eating fat was what made us fat, and since meat was high in fat, we got a whole rash of high carbohydrate packaged foods?  Which directly lead to Dr. Atkins and others’ views that carbs were bad, so therefore protein and fats must be good?  And now we’re back at the beginning of this big loop and people are suspicious of both carbs and fat, and afraid of the side effects of many of the sources of protein.  It’s not going to end.

Food can only contain protein, carbs, and fat.  Other than water and alcohol, it’s all you can metabolize.  Carbs didn’t make mey fat, and fat didn’t make me fat, eating too much made me fat.

Eat your carbs.  If you are on a medically restricted program, you know how many grams of carbs your doctor wants you to have.    If not, carbs are not bad.

It’s not the idea that something is a carbohydrate … what to do if you can, is to eat carbs that are unprocessed, fibrous, and in their natural state, because these carbs are directly associated with living longer.  In other words, eat your carbs from plants whenever possible.  The more they’re processed, the more the nutritional value is removed and has to be replaced, but the replacement has never been found to be of any health value at all.  Eat the real thing.


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