Here’s one of those oft-ignored biblical statements: forgive us in the same way we forgive others.  I don’t know about you, but I need my own forgiveness to go way beyond the minimal amount.  I have a lot to be forgiven for.

Maybe so do you. Behind your inability to make your life 110% of what you always wanted it to be for God, is there someone you’ve never been able to forgive?  Forgiveness is different from letting an offense slide, or choosing not to think about it, or come to accept as that person’s own personal weirdness.  Forgiveness, in the way you want to be forgiven, is completely wiping the slate clean with that person.  It’s beyond normal human interaction, the way I need to be forgiven is.

So many of our coaching clients, at the bottom of their problems, have someone who abused them, treated them like less than a person, and took their joy.  The weight, or inability to reach out toward their future, or inability to make themselves available to God, or ALL THE ABOVE, start there and realistically, losing the weight or finding the dream job or being who they want to be is all just window dressing on top of that huge burden of unresolved resentment and hatred.   If that’s you, what a good day today would be to lay that down.  Be rid of the pain.  Be rid of the lack of self-forgiveness in your own life, so you can truly say, forgive me in the way I have forgiven that person, those people, those parents, that spouse, that one who I now choose to totally, fully, forgive.


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