Full-fat cappuccinofor the same calories as nonfat

Specialty tip today for the Starbucks drinkers (also works for other similarly equipped restaurants too).

The photos at left are the three available sizes — gonzo, middlesnort, little, and eenie.

Trick is, the Tall is called that because it used to be the Big size.  The little one next to it is called a Short and used to be the small size.  A short, whole milk cappuccino is roughly the same calories as a Tall nonfat.  It’s not quite as big and it should have the same amount of espresso, just less milk.  Which, by the way, is more a traditional cappuccino anyway.  It’s about twice the size of a traditional cappuccino serving still, thanks to Americanized super-size mentality.  The same one that makes the little kiddie sized McDonalds fries and burger the same size that used to be THE size they came in.   But I digress.

If you like the taste of whole milk capp better than skim, ask for a Short.  You will not see it on the menu but they’ll have it because they use that size cups for other things.



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