Should I use a stability ball as my office chair?

Egg-sitters. Yoga oddballs. And for Christians, I guess you’d call these folks holy rollers.

Are there benefits? Sure.

You’ll burn more calories due to having to keep yourself upright. You’ll learn good posture. And you can bounce up and down in time with your tunes or just to pass the time.

So are there drawbacks? Yup.

You’ll probably still need a desk chair, because it’s tough to sit on a ball all day long. And it’s not actually ever been empirically shown to be of any actual advantage whatever.

So in short, it’s something you might want to try, to see if you like it. The ball won’t be a waste, as they’re very handy for exercise in general. So there’s nothing to lose. Except for a little bit of pride, the first few times you roll off your egg.


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