Should my weight loss goals be short or long term?

Yes.  Both.

I have a short term goal of getting through the rest of today on 1400 more calories.

I also have intermediate goals — running X far, Y fast.

And long term — being around, loving life, and being active, 10 years from now.  Which used to be a definite No Way but is currently a Strong Possibility.

You can do that too … cast some short term (day, week, month), intermediate (year) and long term (years) .. or whatever timeframe works for you.

You might resist the idea of having long term goals.  Which means you have a long term goal of not having any particular direction or purpose, which is a sad way to live a life.

You might think it’s presumptuous to have longer term goals.  Nope, it’s drifting not to.

Go ahead and make goals


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