Recipe: Blackened Redfish

There is no good reason to eat diet food, feel deprived, and pass up on all the wonderful variety of consumption available to you. Remember, we want you to feel free, not restrained; empowered, not deprived.

This particular dish is a pretty good example of the awesomeness available to you without caloric overload.  And you can make 4 servings in about 15 minutes for the cost of 1 serving at a restaurant where it’s not likely someone will watch over it closely enough to make it a great choice.

What you’ll need:

Two red snapper fillets.  Get them fresh if you can, they’re not that expensive.

Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy seasoning blend

Sea salt


1 Tbsp oil, canola or olive.


In a cast iron skillet (if you don’t have one, trust me, you want one, but if you want to substitute any other skillet, ok) heat the oil briefly.  Rub or spray the top side of the fillets with a small amount of oil and cover well with the Mrs. Dash, it’s not THAT spicy.   Then shake on the paprika until the fish is a pretty red color.  Put the fish in the hot oil, seasoning side down, and similarly cover the other side of the fish while cooking.  Sprinkle a LITTLE BIT of the sea salt on top.  Since you’re using sea salt, you can use a lot less because the granules/flakes are big and thus more flavorful.

Cook on one side, then the other.  Like any meat, don’t poke holes in it while cooking, and let it rest 2-5 minutes before you serve it.

We like to recommend eating fish 2+ times per week.

Side item suggestions:  Baked sweet potatoes with a little bit of actual butter.  Also steam up some green beans if you’re feeling funky, and then give them the same Mrs. Dash, oil, sea salt, and paprika treatment.



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