Mid-career job changes

Really interesting site here with stories from a large number of people who found themselves needing a new job or career: http://downbutnotoutletters.tumblr.com/archive

Some things to aim for:

Prepare in advance.  Try to always have some extra funds set aside.  Always have your resume relatively up to date.

Network as much as possible with other people who do what you do, or might some day need your services — networking is the source of most jobs, not want ads or electronic job postings.

If you lose your job, continue to get up every morning, keep with your exercise program, lose weight if you need to, put on work clothes, and work the system.

By all means, don’t fall into letting your self-worth come from your job.  You’re valuable and important to several people close to you and to God himself.  Every problem has an expiration date already stamped on it, we just can’t see what it is until it turns over.



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