Have a Polymeal

Ever heard of eating polymeals?  This one was new to me on my last visit to the doctor’s.  He’s all for it and pretty much wrote me a prescription, as a man over 50, for this way of eating.  Here’s the deal …

…combining seven food components (dark chocolate, wine, fruits, vegetables, garlic, almonds, and fish) significantly increases the life expectancy of people over age 50 and reduces heart events by more than two-thirds.
Excluding any ingredients caused a slight decline in the overall heart protection benefits. However omitting wine reduced the meal’s beneficial impact the most — by 10%.
The recipe for heart success has the biggest impact on men. Men who dine on the Polymeal program every day increase their total life expectancy by more than six and a half years compared with men not on the Polymeal. They also were able to prevent the onset of heart disease for nine years.
Women eating the Polymeal would live about five years longer than women not eating it. They keep heart disease at bay for eight years.


Note that the link is from a totally respectable web site, not some kooky blog 🙂  It’s for real.  Eating a diet high in those seven ingredients is associated with much longer lifespans for people over 50.

That can all be one meal, or over the course of the day eating dark chocolate, wine, fruits, vegetables, garlic, almonds, and fish.  

Leaving out any one part lowers its effectiveness.  However, do not begin drinking alcohol if you do not already drink alcohol.  One in ten people who starts drinking, will not be able to control it and will become an alcoholic.  For women especially, there is an increase in the number of strokes in drinkers vs. non-drinkers.   Since I have a family history of people not being able to moderate their drinking, what I personally do is substitute some other whole grape product; either grape juice with the skins included in the juice, or raw grapes, personally.



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