Why to do it right the first time

If You Don’t Have Time to Do It Right, When Will You Have Time to Do It Over?”

John Wooden

When you’ve got a big project to do, or even an irritating piece of extraneous activity you just have to do, if you’re like me there’s a tendency to want to rush your approach, take your first impulsive shot, and move on through.

But living life from good enough to good enough, rushing through, actually causes you to move slower overall, from all the rework.

It’s often said that reworking a bad effort takes ten times as long as the original effort.  That’s certainly often the case, but even if you only have to spend as long on rework as the original job took, you just took twice as long as necessary to get the job done.  Instead, to speed up, slow down.  Plan the work, then carefully work the plan, exactly one time.

Applying this to losing weight: anybody can lose a lot of weight.  Hardly anybody can lose weight and never find it again.  Do several times as much planning as would be minimally necessary.  Plan how to do this project exactly one time.  It will take much longer to get started, but you’ll never have to do it again.



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