Q&A: When will the cravings stop

Here’s a frequent coaching question:  I love food X which is totally incompatible with being eaten, by me, in moderation.  When will I stop craving it?

The near pathological, all-encompassing desire to eat all of that food you can find, right now, will eventually go away, as long as you do not feed that desire by eating the food you are intending not to eat.

But …

Unfortunately for us all, you will likely always have a very high regard for that food.  And like the mouse who keeps pressing the food button long after the food is all gone, you’ll keep going through the mental imagining of how great it would be … maybe for the rest of your life.  I still want to hit on a Wendy’s triple cheeseburger sometimes, when I pass the drive-through alone.  Nobody would know.  Except everyone for whom it is important to know, by the way.  I also still want to skip workouts or lie around watching TV.

Desire does not have to be followed by action, and is not wrong … keep on moving toward your goal, and the desire will dim over time, but not totally go away.  You’ll always have to be vigilant.


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