Just a note today to say thank you to readers from all over.  We surpassed 1300 unique hits over the weekend, with viewers from 48 countries covering every continent.  Half of that was from Google searches of topics we’ve covered in June.

That’s not a lot of eyeballs for a traditional news source but it’s really great for a solo blogger.  Do recommend us to your friends and even your enemies.  There’s something new here every day.


Today’s new thing … a reader question about vitamins, specifically questioning an old post that people eating a healthy diet don’t need supplements unless they have a diagnosed deficiency, with the exception being Vitamin D unless you get some sustained natural sunlight every day.  The question was:  does applying sunscreen cause vitamin D not to be absorbed.

Answer:  no, it’s from a different type of ray than the one that causes sunburn.  Not to get really technical, just safe to say that you’re still getting Vitamin D no matter how well you apply sunscreen (which you should; even if you do not appear to be taking skin damage,  you are).


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