Why am I tired all the time?

Ever get into that cycle where you never feel really rested?  Here’s some options.

1. You’re not sleeping enough.  Stay awake from now all the way through bedtime tonight, then get 8-9 hours of sleep tonight.  Sleep in a darkened, totally quiet room, in a bed, and see how you feel tomorrow.

2.  Limit your caffeine to 1-2 cups a day, but only in the morning, and see if that helps.

3. Are you too sedentary?  Get 2+ hours of active time (anything more strenuous than sitting down) for several days in a row.

4. Is it hormonal hunger based on your eating habits?  Eat breakfast, then eat every 3-4 hours throughout the day, about the same quantity each time, and see if that helps.

5. Are you depressed/stressed out/anxious?  If so, that’s actually stealing your energy, stealing your joy.  Pray, take a movement class, talk to people … whatever would relieve your pressure valve a bit.

6.  Are you pushing hard on the exercise, without giving yourself rest time? Give yourself a complete day off of exercise, then each day for several days, add in one hour of rest for every hour of exercise, as a start.  Rest in this case means, not doing much of anything.  Same for your work.  If you’ve got a really crushing amount of work to do, add in rest to match.  If that’s not enough rest, do schedule a hard pause of your active life for a longer period of time.

7. Are your meds contributing to sleepiness?  Check with your doctor on this, instead of making any self-modifications to what you’re prescribed.


There’s no need even in our sped-up culture to go around tired all the time.  That feeling is pretty certain to change over time to sick and tired all the time.  Do your very best to get to the point where you wake up each the morning feeling pretty ready to go make your day.


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