What’s the best online calorie tracking application?

In answer to a readers’ question … and to be too opinionated, but, well you asked ….

If you always will be near a web browser, I’d go with SparkPeople, but don’t get bogged down in all the extraneous clicking necessary to be on their leader board unless it’s helpful to you.

If you’ll sometimes be on an iPhone/Droid I’d go with LiveStrong, which has nice interfaces on several different mobile devices.

If you’re going for simplicity and permanency, none of the above.  Look up the calorie values in the short list of foods you actually eat, and keep count mentally.



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  1. Posted by Linda Carter on June 22, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Hi Tim, I like Sparkpeople too. I wanted to mention that they have a nice app for Smartphones that logs into your account. Also since I eat the same foods all the time, you can make a list of favorite foods that is remembered for you, and this makes logging easier. You can also journal and log exercise and customized goals that you set for yourself. I would also recommend the book written by the originator of the website who made it as a labor of love because he believed in the concept so strongly. “The Spark” by Chris Downie. Thanks, love your blog!


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