The principle of the beater bike

I’m really a fan of the principle I call the Beater Bike Rule.  Basically, I have a nice bike that only goes riding in places where it’s going to stay nice, and also a $25 yard sale special that’s intentionally a rain bike.   When I ride it, I stop at the manual car wash and hose it down because it’s all mudded up and pretty much a mess.  It saves wear and tear on the new bike and keeps it nice.

Likewise, consider having a really nice “Plan A” day planned out every day for yourself, but you’re always ready to slip into “Plan B” whenever you need to.  Example:  you brought your great little lunch to work but your whole team is going out to eat.  It’s a nice bonding experience, so go, and eat something similar to what you were going to eat.  Likewise for exercise.   Have a second plan for the non-negotiable parts of your day, so you can live in reality instead of the dogma of a fixed plan.



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