Yo-yo dieting

It’s pretty common to talk to someone who has lost all the weight they needed to lose — in stages over several years — but instead of losing all the weight, they lost the first 25-50 pounds or more of it, over and over.  Not as the result of an underlying medical condition but as a result of their choices.

Yo-yo weight loss, technically called weight cycling is rumored to cause all kinds of problems.  The reality of that is still unclear; what we do know is:

  1. It indicates you don’t have a problem losing weight, you’re actually very good at losing weight.  You’re an expert at losing weight, and know exactly how.
  2. It indicates your underlying mental reality did not change as you were losing weight, so that you found it possible and at some level perhaps desirable to go back to your old way of life instead of the temporary restrictive way of life you were leading
  3. Thus it’s a sign you CAN lose the weight permanently this time, if you have a change of heart such that you become permanently different than you once were.

It’s all about discovering a new normal for yourself.  Deciding that the old way of living did not get you anywhere you want to go, and has to utterly change, for the rest of your life.  We’re not about temporarily counting and measuring every calorie of this and gram of that, and then some day being able to lay that down.

Having a history of yo-yos means that this time is going to be the same, IF your approach is temporary caloric restriction.  Be all about permanency, all about finding health.  The change happens internally, and is only reflected outwardly; the outward change in your appearance is the RESULT of your life change, it is not the change you’re after.


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